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  NewCamd v6.10a Upgrade

Official release newcamd v6.10a

please use drivers and libs from the last full release 6.08


Some news services indicated the European Union thinking about forcing Pay-
TV providers to offer their services beyond national borders to anyone who wants
a subscription. We strongly support such a move and we pledge that the emu and
cardsharing facilities in newcamd would be discontinued if Pay-TV providers
would start to offer their services internationally under the same conditions
they offer it to national residents. In particular:

1. same choice and contents of all channel packages (no stripped-down
international subscriptions like Digiturk Euro).
2. same prices as for national customers

It was never the intention of the newcamd Team that people would use it to steal
the services of their national Pay-TV provider (or any other provider they could
officially subscribe to). If and when everyone would be able to officially
subscribe to any Pay-TV package he wants to, under the same conditions as
everyone else and regardless of where he lives, we would feel newcamd becoming
kind of obsolete. The only reason why we make newcamd support emu and card
sharing is to overcome this discrimination by Pay-TV providers to offer official
subscriptions to national residents only.


Welcome to newcamd V6

This package is freeware. Distribution and usage is allowed only if you
agree and comply to the following rules:

1. For standalone (outside of flash images) distribution, you are NOT allowed
to make any changes to the original ZIP archive whatsoever. Distributions of
newcamd must not include any keys or Nagra ROMs.
2. Distribution of newcamd inside flash images is allowed, if no keys or
Nagra ROMs are included in the same flash image. Full documentation must be
provided in the flash image. Files keylist, rsakeylist, tpscrypt, ppua,
readme.txt and nagraAU.txt must be present in /var/tuxbox/scce
(/var_init/tuxbox/scce on Dreambox 7000), files newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg and
betad.cfg must be present in directory /var/tuxbox/config/newcamd
(/var_init/tuxbox/config/newcamd on Dreambox 7000).
Files in scce must be copied from the original Zip archive, they may not be
changed. Options in config files may be changed, but all the comments must be
left unchanged.
3. Distribution of patched newcamd, cardserver, betad and/or dcd binaries is
strictly prohibited.

Dieses Paket ist Freeware. Weiterverbreitung ist nur unter Einhaltung der
folgenden Regeln gestattet:

1. Das Original ZIP Archiv darf NICHT veraendert werden. Insbesondere duerfen
keine Keys oder Nagra ROMs enthalten sein.
2. Die Weiterverbreitung in Flash-Images ist nur erlaubt, wenn keine Keys oder
Nagra ROMs im Image enthalten sind. Die komplette Dokumentation muss im Image
vorhanden sein. Die Dateien keylist, rsakeylist, tpscrypt, ppua, readme.txt
und nagraAU.txt muessen in unveraenderter Form ins Verzeichnis /var/tuxbox/scce
im Image kopiert werden (/var_init/tuxbox/scce in Dreambox Images), die Dateien
newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg und betad.cfg muessen ins Verzeichnis
/var/tuxbox/config/newcamd (bzw. /var_init/tuxbox/config/newcamd bei Dreambox
Images) kopiert werden. Konfigurationsoptionen duerfen angepasst werden, aber
die Kommentare muessen unveraendert bleiben.
3. Die Weitergabe von gepatchten newcamd, cardserver, betad und/oder dcd
Binaries ist ausdruecklich untersagt.

What new in V6?

We've introduced a documented, set-top-box independent api. This way, the
newcamd binary has become independent of the set-top-box it is running on.
All the set-top-box dependent i/o calls (to the demuxer, ca or cardreader
device) have been placed into a shared library libcamdio.so. This way, you
are able to use the same newcamd binary on (currently) dbox2, Dreambox and
(new!) Triple-Dragon. All you have to do is pick the correct libcamdio.so
library for your box to go with the generic newcamd binary.

The api itself is documented for other camd developers. That means, other
camd developers, that choose to use the api, can implement their camd on
one of the supported set-top-box and their binary will automatically be
working on the other supported STBs as well.

But that's not all, if some new linux based STB is released in the future,
independent developers can write their own libcamdio.so for the new STB,
and newcamd as well as all the other emus, that use this api, will
automatically run on their box, without the need to change anything in
the newcamd (or other camd's) binary. Of course only as long as the new
STB uses the same processor architecture for which a camd binary is already
available, but even if it's not, it's much easier just request to compile
a binary for a different processor architecture than to request a whole
bunch of little changes to support the new STB's demux or ca dev apis.

For api documentation see file libcamdio/libcamdio.h


v6.10a: more Cw providers: Czechlink, Slovaklink, TBS and BT
fix segfault on incomplete Cw RSA keys

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