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  Krayzie MA Ndure Installer v1.1

The save:

The save(s) come zipped up for direct use on Action Replay devices. If you don't use Action replay you need to unzip the save
Note that many Action Replay cards corrupt large saves which results in a black or error 21 screen. Solution could be to use
a small gamesave exploit to grant access to the hd and copy this save to the E:\UDATA folder via ftp, Or use another memory

Copy the save to the Xbox HD using the known ways. (via memory unit, action replay, USB device or hotswap)
Load the save through the exploited game and follow the on screen instructions.


The 007 version needs to be loaded a certain way in order to get the save working otherwise it will just boot to a black
screen. When you get to the load game screen DONT'T select load game but start a new one. Then when you reached the actual
game (after the cutscene), hit the start button and select quit game, Then go back to the load game screen and this time
select "load game".

The Installer will backup the C partition of your Xbox in the installation process. Therefore it's needed to have at least
200 MB of free space on the E partition (12,800 blocks). This should normally be available with any Xbox but some people like
to fill up their entire harddrive with songs or downloadable content. When doubting check the memory tab.

Main menu (install menu):

-1st Backup eeprom:
FIRST always backup the eeprom. This is the most important file to keep when you're doing softmods. It contains all kinds of
specific information about that one xbox. It is needed to continue with the rest of the install (unless you use the upgrade
from 1.0 option).

--remove eeprom backup:
This option will remove the eeprom backup. This could be helpful if you want the HD back to its original state.

-Copy eeprom to MU:
This option will copy the eeprom backup to a memory unit. This could be useful if you don't have ftp and still want to keep
your eeprom backup safe.

-Minimum install:
This will install the Ndure exploit without any requirements. It doesn't matter what dash version you have or if you have
left overs from a previous softmod. Downside of this is that you can't use any multiboots that require the msdash or
livedash. But you can easily add a MSdash later on to make these options available using the Extras feature.

-Basic install:
This will get your xbox modded with a basic setup. This requires having a standard 5960 dashboard installed. Any leftover
mod files from previous softmods might cause errors.

-Upgrade from 1.0:
This will upgrade from Krayzie Ndure Installer v1.0. It will only upgrade the exploit files. Your dashboard, backups and
virtual C remains intact.

-Restore from rescue disc:
This option will remove the exploit files and lets you select what parts of the xbox you want to restore from a rescue disc.
For how to create such a disc read the Rescue disc section.

-Switch menu:
This option will change the install menu to the one that you see when it's fully installed. ONLY use this option if you
already installed this package but somehow deleted and/or replaced the Installer.

2nd menu (restore menu):

This menu will show up when the softmod is installed and you reload the save again (either via the game or the Extras option)

-restore from HD backup:
This option will remove all files installed with this installer using the automatically created backup. Additional files like
APPS, GAMES and EMUS folders will NOT be removed! If you want the hd to be stock you will have to remove anything on E:
besides TDATA, UDATA, BACKUPS and DASHBOARD. This option requires an UNTOUCHED Cdrive backup directory in E:\backups!

-Restore from rescue disc:
See above in main menu. It's the same option.

-Specify fonts:
Use this option if you (sometimes) experience boot problems like hanging at the logo screen. Be sure to pick the right kernel
for your system.

The Extras folder/disc:

The Extras can be used to further customize your softmod like dualboots, led, control and video modes. It also offers a load
of other features like formatting, dashboard management (backup/test/replace/restore) and professional mode (to use apps
without virtual eeprom/C partition). Since many features of the extras are not meant to be messed around with you will be
asked for a passcode on different occasions. This ensures little children and other people to not go in the Extras menu.
(All passcodes are button sequence: AYBX)
I will not explain all features here because that just would be too much. Every option has an explaining text box as soon as
you take it and asks you to proceed. If you don't like it just select no.

This Extras feature can be used in two ways:
-copy the Extras folder to E:\Apps (no other location) and launch it via the dashboard.
To launch extras just select "Krayzie Extras" out of the Apps menu of your dashboard. This will get you to a pre-Extras menu
in where you can launch the Extras menu (passcode protected) or use the format options (also passcode protected).

-Make an xbox iso out of the folder and burn it to disc and run it on the xbox.
You could do this if you don't have ftp to copy the Extras folder to E:\Apps or want to make your personal autoinstaller
disc that copies your own personal Apps or Emulators. In that case just fill the Apps and Emulators folders in the Extras
folder with your favourite Apps and Emulators before you burn it. Then when you run the disc you can select the "copy
Apps/Emulators from disc" option.
To launch the Extras menu you NEED to copy the Extras to HD first (using the "Copy Extras from disc" option).

In this pre-Extras menu you can also launch the save for the right exploitable game. This might be easy if you want to enter
the saves menu and don't feel like actually putting in the disc. This feature is also passcode protected.

Changing your dashboard:
Another useful feature in the Extras menu is the Replace dashboard feature. To use this just copy the Dashboard you want to
use in the DASHBOARD folder in the Extras directory. Make sure it's xbe is named default.xbe. To ensure the dash works like
it should you can first TEST the dash using the "Test new dash" option. If it loads well you can then use the "Replace Dash"
option. This will only work if you picked the "Backup current dash option".

Adding MSdash files in a minimum installation:
So you picked the minimum install options and would like the dualboot features that require the MSdashboard.
No problem. Just get yourself a copy of a 5960 dashboard and put the files in the MSDASHBOARD folder in the Extras directory.
Then select the "Add MSdash function" option. It will check if the right files are present in the folder and then begin
adding the right files in the right location. When done you can immediately customize your softmod with a nice dual/tri
retail boot.


The Rescue disc:

This may be nice to recover from messed up systems (or even to set up bigger hd's).
In your rescue disc folder you will find three folders which you can use to put files in:

C drive: In this folder you should put the files you wish to use to replace the C contents. This could either be stock files
(from HD backup, slayer's AID disc etc.) or it could be modded files (gathered from pc backups in modded state).

E drive: In this folder you should put the files you wish to use to replace the E contents. This could either be stock files
(savegame folders: TDATA and UDATA) or it could be modded files (gathered from pc backups in modded state).

Dashboard: In this folder you could put a dashboard in case the dashboard on the Xbox is gone or damaged. the dashboard
folder on E will be replaced by the dashboard folder on this disc. You can put any dashboard in here as long as it's
executable is named default.xbe

So basically:

To recover to stock:

Put stock files in C drive folder.

Fill the E drive folder with the UDATA and TDATA backups from your Xbox. If you didn't back them up you could try to get ftp
access prior to using this option and ftp over the UDATA and TDATA folder from your Xbox. If you don't have or want any
backups you could just leave the UDATA and TDATA folders empty. There should be no folders other then TDATA and UDATA present
if you are reverting to stock.

In the disc menu choose the restore system option.

To recover to modded state:

Put full C drive backup from modded unprotected state in C drive folder. (You can get the full C drive files by ftping in
from the gamesave installer's menu).

Put full E drive backup in E drive folder.

In the disc menu choose the restore system option.

To recover dashboard

Put dashboard in dashboard folder. (dash's xbe named default.xbe)

In the disc menu choose the restore dashboard option.

Setting the network settings: (in case you want ftp access)

You will have to do this prior to burning the disc because they can't be edited while running from disc. Default is set to
DHCP. To do this open the xml file and edit the network settings to your likings.

Burning xbox discs:

Make an Xbox iso from the Rescue disc or Extras folder. You can use any Xbox image creator app for this.
I prefer Qwix (http://www.teamavalaunch.com/qwix/).
Then burn the iso as an image using any disc burning app.
!!!Make sure you use discs you know your Xbox can read!!!

Couple of things you should know:

The default network settings is set to DHCP (automatic receive IP from router). If you don't have a router or just wish to
have a static IP you need to adjust that in the dashboard otherwise it won't be active on retail
(cold)boots and you won't be able to log into live.

The exploited save itself belongs on the hd at any time. It's an important safety backdoor for when anything goes wrong and
it will save you from (hot)swapping your hd. So therefore it's recommended to not delete it.

It is very recommended to copy the eeprom backup to the pc and keep it safe as soon as possible.



The installer is tested stable and safe for live use by many people before releasing. Still I will not be held responsible
for anything that might go wrong.

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:

-added copy eeprom backup to MU option
-added minimum install option
-added update from 1.0 option
-skipped 06/67 selection in install
-skipped on/off switch
-added s.xtf tweak
-moved extras to separate folder
-used fuckmsed* xonlinedash and xboxdash (*Courtesy by Angerwound)
--multiboot with livedash support and non-updatable xboxdash
-skipped restore msdash option
-updated nkaptcher to 11_UO2
-changed bootpaths
-changed altdash bootpaths
-added copy apps/emus/extras from disc option
-added led/fan controll
-improved RGB and forced progressive scan option
-added backup/test/replace/restore dashboard option
-added add msdash option
-added professional mode
-added update virtual eeprom option
-improved format options
-overall script improvements

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